Big Wins (1)

250k Winner at Leo Leisure Bingo

For bingo players, one of the nicest things that you can see is a fellow player getting a nice result when they are playing. While it might not be as good as you getting it, just seeing that wins are happening is enough for some. It gives you confidence, and belief that things will continue to turn and more winners will be picked – and hopefully it will be you next time!

When trying to decide what the best part about being a bingo player is, it’s probably when the life-changing jackpots can occur. These are the tense games that require you to really pay attention and make sure that you get the right numbers and that if you do get your list that you shout out as soon as possible to make sure that you get the confirmation that you need. Sometimes, people can be a little bit lax but when it’s a huge sum of money that you are playing for everyone is stood to attention!

Take Denise Squire, for example. She is a regular player on the Leo Leisure Bingo site, playing the game National Bingo on the Isle of Wight. The jackpot had come to a huge £250,000 and it was to be Squire’s lucky day as she was the first to call “House”! The National Bingo game takes in players from across the whole UK and it was Denise who had got her numbers with the least number of calls!

By standing as the winner, she netted a quarter of a million from her Bingo winnings, and is sure to be back sometime in the future for more winnings! She’s a regular with the main patrons and staff at her local bingo center, and it’s safe to say that she will be celebrating for some time to come.

So, if you are looking for a reason to get into the wonderful world of online bingo this should be all the inspiration that you need to sign up and get playing! Jackpots like this aren’t extremely rare, making it even more enjoyable for those who want to hit the heights, and benefit from the chance of winning life-changing jackpots.

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