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Comb Your Tache For Movember Millions!

Costa bingo is one of the most popular websites out there because of the wide variety of promotions that they put on. Like any good bingo player ought to, you want to be able to hit the right notes with the correct styles of offers and deals – especially around about this time of year when we are saving to buy up Christmas presents and get away for the New Year!

As the usually do, Costa Bingo are doing a great promotion in coalition with the Movember campaign, a popular charity campaign that highlights awareness for male cancers like testicular and prostate cancers. It’s a hugely important health drive and if you are growing a moustache in Movember this year, you want to make sure that you are doing it properly with the help of the amazing promotions at Costa Bingo.

While you don’t need a moustache to take part, it’s a lot more fun if you do have one! There’s going to be numerous shares of jackpots up to £12,000 on the go, as well as numerous different games and events that will take place throughout the month.movember

For every £10 you win, you will move up the leaderboard by one point and this allows you to get your hat in the ring for the massive jackpots that will be handed out with regularity throughout November.

So, if you want to make an impact this year on Movember why not make sure that you log in to Costa Bingo this year? They’ve got plenty of brilliant little offerings that go hand-in-hand with this amazing charity drive, and you might find yourself walking away with a stunning little jackpot that could make the festive season that little bit more affordable than it is at the current moment!

Nothing helps more than a push for charity, as well, and with all the good work that is done into cancer research and the like it’s only fitting that you can help.

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Is online bingo more cost-effective?

While bingo has been around for centuries, its modern online format offers far more scope and variety than even the most avid bingo fan must have thought would have been a premature idea. The majority of people who play bingo today wouldn’t even give their local bingo hall a second glance, yet probably put three figures into their bingo account every month at the very least.

Recent reports have looked at the cost comparison of playing online vs in the bingo halls, and the results make for quite an inconclusive yet slowly coming together picture.

So, is going online going to help you save money? Or is heading into the local bingo hall more cost-effective after all?

Well, the first thing that you consider is the social aspect. The majority of bingo halls serve drinks, and you’ll usually find yourself in a social circle of a good few. This usually leads to everyone buying drinks for each other all night, which before you know it can be a good chunk of your winnings alone! While you get the same level of social interaction online, you also don’t need to buy everyone at the table a drink. This might sound miserable but for those who prefer to drink their drink rather than inhale it, it’s a little more enjoyable to buy a few drinks and enjoy bingo from the comfort of your home.

Then, there is the cost aspect. You don’t get any free bonuses down at the local hall – you might get a promo voucher, that’s about it. The majority of the time, you are going to be far cheaper staying in and playing from the couch than you will be from the hall. The bonuses are also much larger online – you are playing against national or international opponents so the scope is larger. When you bingo hall takes in the winnings from about 300 people every fortnight, they probably don’t have enough to hand out the big jackpots!bingo shout

It’s easy to spot the difference in cost between a night at the hall, or a night at home. Alternatively, because of mobile bingo, it’s easy to compromise and meet together at somebodies home and play together there. This gives you the best of both worlds, removes the costs significantly, and allows everyone to socialize without having to pay for it!

If you want to save money, then online bingo is by far and away the best choice for a new member to the bingo scene. The halls offer a great experience but unless you have cash to spare, online bingo is the more enjoyable alternative.

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Missing A 10K Jackpot

While the greatest thing that can happen in bingo is winning, the worst is losing because you were never heard! There are hundreds of stories like this and some of them can be quite difficult to predict if they are true or not, but a recent story found in the Mirror gives you an incredible insight into just how unlucky some bingo players have been in the past.

As we all know, when playing bingo you need to shout a specific word when you get to the end of the game – in this case “House!”. Unfortunately, the “winner” of this bingo game worth £10,000 didn’t shout loud enough, apparently, and missed out on this life changing sum to another player. Ronald Price, of Fens, Cambridgeshire, got all five needed to win the jackpot and alerted the world to his success – only for the caller to continue on as normal!

Even worse for poor Ronald, he missed out on £1,000 in a similar circumstance last year! Imagine having such brutal lack at the game, especially through no fault of his own. The rules of the game state that a caller has to stop to see when somebody has got “House” and this time they never heard the shout to actually initiate the stop.mega jackpot

While given the company claim that he has to be clearer in future, it’s still a kick in the teeth for poor Ronald. Have you ever missed out on a jackpot due to negligence? Or have you ever found yourself in even more extraordinary circumstances? Let us know how your bingo future has played out in the past!

The next time that you are going to play bingo, though, make sure that you remember this tale. When you are playing offline you really do need to bring the roof down when you get the full set, so be sure that when you next play you aren’t giving anybody a chance to win over you, like what just happened to Ronald.

The fun of the game is in the winning, and the jackpots can be life-changing, so don’t miss out because you were too quiet!

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Are The Top Two As Welcoming As They Should Be?

If you were to look around the web, you will find a huge amount of resources, opinion and – in some cases – fact that shows that without the hard work of Mecca & Gala Bingo, the game would be nowhere near where it is today. the huge amount of work they both put into both reviving the offline bingo hall, as well as energizing and branding the online version as best as possible, has been well noted around the community and their example has allowed people from all across the globe to make a change to their gaming habits and play bingo from the couch instead.

However, their enterprising ways have brought with it some problems – problems like the wealth of competition, and a lack of progress. When something is going well, it’s hard to make the changes necessary to keep it going well – after all, if it’s not broke then why bother trying to fix it? This seems to be the issue, though. The big two have remained fairly stagnant in recent years while new competition have taken on exciting, fresh approaches to online bingo.

So, with this in mind, just how useful are the big two when it comes to capturing new markets and keeping their old markets?

Despite both offering you big name partnership branded games like “X-Factor Bingo” and giving you all the sales talk that you need to feel comfortable using the system, there’s not a whole lot in the way of positive affirmation about the service’ unique nature compared to their rivals.gala12

While the splash page that you land on when you first arrive on the website is purely there to entice you to sin up there and then, clicking through to the normal website gives you far more information.

They both concentrate on offering incentives for new players like deposit-free bonuses when you sign up, free bingo slots and newbie rooms that let you learn the ropes yourself quite quickly.

The process to sign up is simple enough, but if you were to compare the offers you get with some of the independent names out there on the market it becomes a little clearer that you aren’t getting the best deal.

While you can get a nice little deposit bonus from the big two, some of the smaller sites are offering the exact games, a more reliable service speed due to less traffic, and also even better bonuses – sometimes double or even triple what you are getting here. If you are looking for value as a first-time bingo player, then looking at recent changes from the big two – Mecca & Gala Bingo – you might want to go to some of the smaller names in the industry first.

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