Bingo: Changing The Youth of 2014

  • September 15, 2014
  • Bingo

One of the most striking things about the regeneration of bingo within the last decade has been the way that it has spread and effected the youth of tomorrow. The perceptions of the future are changing for children all across the globe, and rather than being seen as binge drinkers and thieves many of the next generation are turning to something a bit more tranquil – bingo.

This excellent Channel 4 post about altering the perceptions of today’s generations shows a stark reality to the preconceptions that many of us bring to life on a day-to-day basis.

While you might believe that the young man who lives across the road is a raving lunatic that likes nothing more than raving and partying, spending money they don’t have, you might be surprised to know that this is far less likely to be the case. Instead, most young people are money-conscious and are looking for ways to enjoy life without going through the rigmarole that comes with going out into town or a night out.

For many youngsters, going to the bingo hall or using their tablet to play bingo is far more enjoyable than spending more than they can afford on a night out with mates. The simple nature of bingo, allied to its far more casual and far less consequential atmosphere, makes it one of the best places that people can get that winning thrill without costing too much or putting them under too much pressure or risk.2014

The average age of bingo players is falling across the UK, according to Patrick Kelly. Patrick is the vice-chair of the Bingo Association, and believes that more work has to be done to encourage youngsters to see the game as a way to enjoy themselves without being cast into ridiculous stereotypes.

Because of the calm and social aspect that comes with being a part of the bingo community, many youngsters who feel threatened or uncomfortable in volatile pub atmospheres prefer this type of atmosphere instead. Rather than believe everyone who walks by you is out to steal the keys to your car, why not imagine that they could be the username you are having such a great time with on the bingo website of your choice.

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